JFK Intern Mimi Alford Tells All

Mimi Alford, JFK Intern and Mistress

Mimi Alford, JFK Intern and Mistress
Mimi Alford, JFK Intern and Mistress

Why would a now 69-year old grandmother release a book that further besmirches the already tarnished legacy of President John F. Kennedy? Mimi Alford, who as a 19-year old, served as an intern in the Kennedy White House in the 1960s. In her newly published memoir, the ex-JFK intern describes how she served as JFK’s mistress, ready at his beck and call to meet him and perform sex acts upon him. One of the more disturbing remembrances she put into this book is how JFK supposedly had her perform a sex act on one of his aides while he, the president, watched.

While it is well known that JFK was not very faithful to his wife, Jackie Kennedy, some of the revelations in this new book, if true, puts Kennedy into an even dimmer historical light in terms of his morality and ethics. To say nothing of Mimi Alford’s morality and ethics. She clearly knew she was getting into an affair with a married man, and, just like Bill Clinton’s young sex intern, Monica Lewinsky, she apparently cared not a whit about the impact her lust for the most powerful man in the world would have on the president’s wife, his children, or upon the nation.

There are no winners in this story.



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