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Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani



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World Biography
Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani III

(b. May 28, 1944)







The World Biography Website

Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani III (b. May 28, 1944) is an American politician currently running for the Republican nomination for the office of President of the United States. He is best known as the Mayor of New York City during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Rudolph W. Giuliani was born in 1944 in Brooklyn, New York. He is the grandson of Italian immigrants, (and if elected President, he would be America's only Chief Executive of Italian descent). Giuliani attended Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, Manhattan College, and New York University Law School.

After joining the office of the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Rudy rose quickly through the ranks, becoming the Chief of the Narcotics Unit at age 29. In 1975, Giuliani went to Washington, D.C., and was appointed Associate Deputy Attorney General and chief of staff to the Deputy Attorney General in the Ford Administration. After Ford's election defeat and the installation of the Democratic Carter Administration in 1977, Giuliani returned to New York to practice law as a private citizen.

After the inauguration of Ronald Reagan in 1981 and the return of Republicans to power, Rudy Giuliani became Associate Attorney General, the third highest position in the Department of Justice. He supervised all of the U.S. Attorney Offices and their federal law enforcement agencies, including the Bureau of Corrections, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the U.S. Marshals.

In 1983, Giuliani returned to New York as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he waged successful legal efforts against organized crime, white collar criminals, drug dealers and corrupt elected officials. Some of his best known cases include the groundbreaking Mafia prosecutions in the "Pizza Connection" and "The Commission" cases, Wall Street corruption cases, and the convictions of corrupt political figures. His work as the U. S. Attorney earned him a lot of publicity which served him well when he later ran for office.

Giuliani ran against Democrat David Dinkins for the Mayor's office in 1989, losing a close race. In 1993, he ran again, defeating Dinkins and, winning election as the first Republican elected Mayor of the City of New York in a generation. Campaigning on the slogan "One City, One Standard," he goals included reducing crime, reforming welfare, and improving the quality of life in the city. In 1997, he was re-elected with nearly 60% of the vote in a city largely Democratic city.

As Mayor, Giuliani became known as a strong advocate for law enforcement, which earned him many supporters nationwide, but also led to controversy over alleged police abuses during his administration. Due to term limits, Giuliani could not run for a third term, and when the New York City mayoral primary elections began on the morning of September 11, 2001, Giuliani was not a candidate.

That morning, September 11, cemented Giuliani's name and reputation in history. As the mayor during the terrorist attacks, Rudy Giuliani reacted with strong leadership and a calm demeanor as the towers fell and thousands of his constituents died, and the nation held its breath. In the aftermath of the attacks, many commentators and ordinary citizens began referring to him as "America's Mayor." It is largely on the strength of the reputation built on that day and during the subsequent recovery and security efforts that Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign rests its hopes.

Rudy Giuliani has been married three times, has two children, one stepdaughter, and is a rabid New York Yankees fan.

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Lee, R. "World Biography:
Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani (b. 1944)"  

Family, Career, and Personal Highlights

Harold Angel Giuliani --Father

Helen C. D'Avanzo --Mother

Regina Peruggi --1st Wife (m. October 26, 1968, Annulled in 1982)

Donna Hanover (b. 1950) --2nd Wife (m. April 15, 1984, Divorced in 2002)

Judith Nathan --3rd Wife (m. May 28, 2003)


Andrew (b. January 30, 1986) )--Son

Caroline (b. 1989) --Daughter


Roman Catholic


1961: Graduated from Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School .

1965: Graduated from Manhattan College

1968: Graduated from New York University School of Law


1968: Law Clerk for Judge Lloyd MacMahon, United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York.

1970: Worked at the office of the U.S. Attorney

1975: Associate Deputy Attorney General and chief of staff to the Deputy Attorney General in the Ford Administration.

1977-1981: Practiced law at the law firm of Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler.

1981-1983: Associate Attorney General in the Reagan Administration.

1983-1989: Appointed U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

1989-1990: Practiced law at the law firm of White & Case.

1990: Practiced law at the law firm of Anderson Kill Olick & Oshinsky.

Military Service:

None: Giuliani received one student deferment while at Manhattan College, a second deferment while at NYU Law School, and a third, special request deferment from his employer, Judge MacMahon.


Political Career:

1994-2001: Mayor of New York City (R)

Elections involving Rudy Giuliani

1997 general election for New York City Mayor

Rudy Giuliani [incumbent] (R), 59%

Ruth Messinger (D), 41%

1993 general election for New York City Mayor

Rudy Giuliani (R), 49%

David Dinkins[incumbent] (D), 46%

1989 general election for New York City Mayor

David Dinkins (D), 51%

Rudy Giuliani (R), 49%

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